Our Mission

We believe corporates and multinationals play an essential part in Amsterdam’s tech and startup ecosystem. By unifying innovation agendas, diversifying our company cultures with influences from the startup mentality, and most of all, learning from each other’s achievements and failures, we can stay in sync with the vastness of the innovation curve.

To facilitate this collaborative dream, we launched the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network.
The network will strengthen corporate involvement in the tech and startup ecosystem in various ways:

Make a valuable Corporate-Startup connection

Create strategic partnership opportunities in the ecosystem

Enable a peer-2-peer connection for innovation managers and startup liaisons

organize a bi-annual events for all stakeholders

The Corporate network is initiated by StartupAmsterdam. StartupAmsterdam helps the tech and startup ecosystem by showcasing, utilising and improving the benefits, strengths and assets already present in Amsterdam. The hands-on team works together with various stakeholders in the startup community to validate and implement innovation and sustainable growh. Together with the startup ecosystem, StartupAmsterdam show that Amsterdam is the European centre point of the startup- and tech scene.

Curious what StartupAmsterdam could mean for your organization?