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Startup corporate collaborations prove to be a successful means for innovation. Startups bring new ideas and technology to the corporate world. Find out how you can collaborate successfully.

In the process of working with startups, many questions may arise. How to determine the type of innovation your company needs and how to match the right startup to your innovation challenge? Perhaps the hardest question of all is how to collaborate successfully once you have found a match. The distinct nature of startups and corporates results in differences in culture, language and speed of decision-making. Fortunately, there are companies and organisations that specialise in the various aspects of corporate-startup collaboration. Browse our suggestions below.

Growth Tribe

Europe's first Growth Hacking Academy

Professional Rebel

They help you crush corporate complacency


The innovator and accelerator for corporates

Growth Class

The Connected Growth Platform


A community of entrepreneurs offering innovation solutions to corporates.

Innovation Booster

Specialists in making innovation work within your organization.

Venture IQ

Data-driven technology scouting for Investors, Innovation teams, and R&D


Experts in innovating your business model


Supercharching MadTech Startups together with corporates

B. Amsterdam

Providing the right spaces, toolset and social environment


Their proven tools and methods support your tech scouting processes


Corporate Innovators


Machines can do the thinking


Innovation done right
the main ingredient

The Main Ingredient

We’re here to help you stay on top by bridging the gap between startups and corporates.

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