Corporate-Startup Collaboration


Whether you are looking for a Launching Customer, an early adopter and co-creator to pilot, or a lead user, find your next partner through the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network


The Corporate Network offers you the possibility to harness the talent and capabilities of Amsterdam’s most ingenious startups and find tech solutions to your company’s current innovation challenges.

We connect you in different ways:

> Corporate Profiles
> Launchpad Meetups
> Corporate Innovators

This is how we connect you:

> Corporate Profiles
Launchpad Meetups
> Via our Service Providers
> Partner up with innovative projects
> Peer Learning
> Find a new way together with us

Bas from declaree already did it!

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-13 om 22.18.08

Rogier from KLM shares his experience:

KLM is actively involved throughout the Amsterdam startup scene – We are launching customer, mentor in accelerator programs, and share our distribution channels. The strong Tech ecosystem is one of the reasons why corporates, such as ourselves, are so advanced as well!”

Normally I’m only in contact with startups, so it’s great to speak to colleagues from other corporates on how they handle things around artificial intelligence and such. I walk away from this event today with some new collaborations in the making.

Marije Ferweda
Developer Ecosystem & Startups Leader, IBM

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