Launchpad Meetups

Launchpad Meetups are designed to connect corporates and startups around a specific innovation challenge. The corporate defines the challenge and invites promising startups to pitch their solution and explore synergies. The goal of Launchpad Meetups is to spark new startup-corporate collaborations.

Launchpad Meetups is an event format founded in 2015 by StartupAmsterdam and The Next Web. We have organised five series since, connecting  corporates to 300+ startups during 82 Launchpad Meetups. More than 68% of pitching startups had a follow up meeting with a corporate.

  • Experience a new way of solving your challenges
  • Lay foundations for new partnerships
  • Get inspired by the startup energy

To organize a Launchpad Meetup you should get in touch with Arno from The Next Web. He will customize your offer.

  • Connect directly with the right person within a corporate
  • Get inside information to tailor your proposal
  • Lay foundations for new partnership

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Join Launchpad Meetups!

The Next Web is organising two series of Launchpad Meetups per year. Join the 50 corporates and 300+ startups that have already been connected! To find out when the next serie is taking place, visit the website.

Normally I’m only in contact with startups, so it’s great to speak to colleagues from other corporates on how they handle things around artificial intelligence and such. I walk away from this event today with some new collaborations in the making.

Marije Ferweda
Developer Ecosystem & Startups Leader, IBM

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