Innovation made possible through the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network

The StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network aims to bring together Amsterdam-based startups and corporates to foster collaboration and boost innovation. One of the initiatives established to do so are the Launchpad Meetups. This event fromat co-founded with TNW in 2015 has already connected 50 corporates to 300 startups during 82 meetups and has recently led to another great success story. After meeting each other at a Launchpad Meetup, Secretary Plus (part of USG People ) and startup Joboti joined their forces to create the first Chabot that recruits employees.

Secretary Plus is the first recruitment agency in the Netherlands to use a Chabot for placing vacancies, and not unsuccessfully. Chatbot ‘Stephanie’ not only supports job seekers at the platform, she also helps to recruit personnel, making her both B2C and B2B. Stephanie recently fulfilled the process of finding a suitable secretary for one of Secretary Plus’ corporate clients, a first in the Netherlands. According to Secretary Plus, Stephanie contributes to improving the user experience of the website. Of course there is always room for improvement, but luckily Stephanie is a fast learner. Every question she receives makes her smarter. Next to that, Secretary Plus and Joboti stay close to the project through monitoring and improving Stephanie constantly.

This is a great example of how corporate-startup collaboration via can lead to innovation. The StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network is not only involved in Launchpad Meetups however, but also creates Corporate Profiles, detailed one-pagers per corporate that explain their innovation challenges and the types of startups they are looking for. There are currently over 15 profiles online, covering corporates from varied sectors.

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