Our networkA network of 80+ corporates and multinationals with such names as Philips, Microsoft, KPMG, ABN Amro, TomTom, KLM and many more.

A well-connected community of innovation managers, startup liaisons and dedicated ambassadors of change from every industry out there.

A powerful player in Amsterdam’s tech and startup ecosystem.


The goal of the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network is to deeply involve corporates in the local startup scene, and to facilitate corporate-startup collaboration.

Here’s the commitment of our corporate members:

  • contribute to strengthening the Amsterdam startup and tech scene.
  • open to being a Launching Customer, Lead user and/or Early Adopter.
  • actively make their network available in support of startups.
  • designate a point of contact for startups.
  • make available expertise, capacity and/or resources for specific measures in the StartupAmsterdam action program.