The goal of the StartupAmsterdam Corporate Network is to deeply involve corporates in the local startup scene, and to facilitate corporate-startup collaboration. We have several joint activities to realize three benefits for our corporate members: access to startups & new technology; the opportunity to partner with initiatives and events; access to your peers. Find out below how we facilitate these three benefits.


#1 Access to startups & new technology

We list your Corporate Profile for maximum exposure and sign you up for Launchpad Meetups.

#2 Partner up easily

We will match you with startups directly at bi-annual events, you can easily invest in initiatives or events, offer mentorship to startups and you’ll be the first to know all news with our Corporate Partner Newsletter.

#3 Access to peers

We organize offline peer-to-peer roundtables at our bi-annual event. And by appointing a single point of contact on both sides we’ll establish crystal clear communication.

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